Maison Le Voleur
2015 Pinot Noir
Creative Challenge: Establish an identity for France's sommelier Christophe Ranacourt's limited batch pinot for his American aficionados.
I live to design for the passionate wine creator. That is exactly who Christophe Ranacourt is. I met him several months ago on a business trip in which we had the most delightful discussion about wine – mine for design and his for the creation of the finest blends. He wanted his labels redesigned and I was inspired to take on this task. Christophe isn’t new to thievery, that is, the commoner stealing his ideas & techniques. I asked about the new name and we joked about naming his first pinot the “House of Thieves.” I asked what the French would be (as Christophe is from Normandy) and he said “Maison Le Voleur.”
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