Asset Securitization Events
Fall 2005
Designed a sales piece featuring the leading structured finance events produced by the structured finance team at IMN. This guide was designed to be a direct sales tool to assist sales with direct discussions about the benefits of sponsoring.
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Concept + Innovation:
This guide was designed to be a sales instrument to show the benefits of sponsoring. 
About IMN - Information Management Network:
For decades, IMN has been a leader in organizing events for those in the structured finance, real estate and investment management industries. 
Structured Finance and Asset Backed Securitisation events designed and developed for 2005.
ABS East®. The premier event and industry standard for issuers and investors to attend. ABS East was traditionally held at an ocean resort, whether in Paradise Island or Boca Raton, Florida. The racing yacht visual was chosen to brand ABS EAST® because this high-end vessel is built for performance.
Deutsche Notleidende Kredite  //  German Non-Performing Loans.  Conference concept and identity.
Front and back cover with continuous and wrapped design.  8.5x11, saddle stitched, 12 pages. 4/4.
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